A broken MacBook screen doesn’t have to mean the end for your cherished Apple computer. We carry a full stock of replacement Apple Mac screens, including approved spares for high resolution Retina models. Our approved engineers can fix all cracked, dim or faulty MacBook screens, often for a price that’s significantly cheaper than having the repair done by Apple.

Out of warranty? Don’t worry.

If your MacBook has passed out of its warranty period, or you have an older model that needs an outdated screen, talk to us. Here at the Laptop Screen repair Company, we have a large stock of the most common MacBook screen replacements, and we can usually get older replacement parts through our industry contacts.

Same day MacBook screen repair.

Typically, our laptop repair specialists will be able to diagnose your screen fault and repair it on the same day. If you call us before lunchtime, we’ll have your Apple Mac working again before the end of the afternoon, in 9 out of 10 cases. If we do need to order extra parts or a special type of MacBook replacement screen, we’ll take your laptop away and return it to you as soon as it has been repaired.

Common Apple Mac screen problems, solved.

Apple Macs suffer from several common screen problems – including dim screens, intermittent display and black screens. Most of these are age related, and can be fixed with a simple replacement part. Either our technicians will remove your old MacBook screen and fit a completely new replacement for you; or we’ll diagnose the underlying cause of your display fault and recommend a course of action.

Apple approved replacement parts

All of our MacBook screen repairs are carried out by qualified technicians, using Apple approved spare or replacement parts. Just let us know the model of MacBook you use, and the screen size, when you contact us. All prices we quote to you will include removal of the old screen and fitting of the new one.

One year guarantee on all MacBook screen repairs.

All of our replacement screens are guaranteed for one year from the date of installation. We also guarantee our screen repairs for a year.

Finding out which MacBook model you have.

We may need to ask you for the model of your MacBook when we speak to you about your screen replacement or repair. If you’re not sure what kind of MacBook you have, you can give us the serial number and we’ll find out for you. The serial number of your Mac is printed on the underside of your laptop, after all of Apple’s copyright disclaimers and information. We can key the serial number of your Mac into a program that tells us when your computer was made, and which MacBook variant it is.

Replacement screens for all MacBooks

We replace or repair MacBook screens for all models, including the MacBook Air and Pro, and historical Apple laptops like the PowerBook. It may take us slightly longer to find replacement screens for a PowerBook or older Apple laptop.