Smartphone dropped or damaged? We’re experts at replacing or repairing smashed screens on all mobile phones, from big widescreen smartphones to older square screens. Our technicians carry most approved replacement touch screens for all popular mobile phone models, including the iPhone; the Samsung Galaxy; and the Sony Xperia.

Replacement screens for mobile phones.

The screen of your mobile phone can be removed as a single unit. We’ll replace the whole thing, including the backlight panel, to return your mobile to full working order. There’s no need to make a claim on your insurance, or shell out for a new smartphone, which means there’s no need for you to migrate all of your contacts from your original phone to a new one. Less hassle, quick service and a competitive price make our mobile phone screen replacement option ideal.

Faulty mobile phone screens, sorted.

Has your mobile phone screen stopped being touch sensitive, frozen, or gone permanently dark? We can help. Our qualified engineers will identify the problem with your mobile screen (which may be the screen itself or the hardware that powers the display for example the digitizer and the conductive surface of the touch screen), and recommend either replacement or repair. We’re familiar with the problems that most commonly occur with popular makes of mobile phone, including the Apple iPhone; the Samsung Galaxy; HTC Android phones; Blackberry phones; LG models; the Sony Xperia; and the Nokia Lumia.

Mobile display troubleshooting.

When you call us to tell us what’s wrong with your mobile phone, we’ll run through a few troubleshooting options first. Some mobile phone display problems are caused by software or simple freezes, which we can diagnose and help you fix over the phone. We won’t charge you a penny if it turns out that your mobile display problem is being caused by a problem you can fix yourself.

Blacked-out or spotted mobile screens.

If there are small cracks in the sub-surface layers of your mobile phone screen, they may show as little black lines or spots on the display. The touch screen ability of your phone may also be compromised. We can replace your screen with an approved new one, or replace/repair outer layers for you if they aren’t too badly damaged.

Speedy phone repairs, guaranteed.

When your phone is out of warranty, it can take weeks for the manufacturer to repair and return your handset. With the Laptop Screen Repair Company, that waiting time shrinks away to nothing. If we can’t repair your mobile screen on the same day, we’ll fix it in an average of five working days (this allows us time to order the approved replacement screen or display hardware element from the manufacturer). All of our mobile screen replacements and repairs are guaranteed, too, under a warranty for parts and labour.

Popular mobile phones fixed same day.

If we’ve got the replacement screen in stock for your phone, it’s possible we’ll be able to repair it on the same day. This is most likely for popular models of mobile phone, including the HTC One; the iPhones 4 and 5 (including S models); and Samsung Galaxy phones. If your screen is cracked, smashed, leaking, or unresponsive, we’ll sort it.