The Laptop Screen Replacement Company was founded in 2007 to provide quick, affordable and reliable screen replacement for any make and model of laptop. We’ve got a huge range of laptop screens in stock, and can usually order unusual screen sizes (for example older square type laptop screens).

Laptop screen repair for every make and model.

Got a notebook with a cracked or smashed screen? No problem. We replace screens for all makes and models of laptop and notebook, including Macs – and we also repair and replace iPad screens and all other tablet and touch screens. In almost all cases we can repair your computer screen on the spot, from our large stock of standard sizes and manufacturer’s recommended replacements.

Specialist laptop screens repaired.

The Laptop Screen Replacement Company carries a replacement stock of specialist laptop and notebook screens, including touch screens and high resolution displays. We can order any replacement part you need, if we don’t already have it in stock. If your laptop isn’t insured or your insurance won’t pay out for a cracked or broken screen, we can get you working again for a fraction of the price of a new machine.

Dull laptop screen?

Not every laptop or notebook screen repair is a physical replacement. Dim or dull laptop screens are caused by faulty inverters, a failing graphics card or a wiring issue inside your machine. We can diagnose the cause of your dull laptop screen and fix it for you, usually by removing and replacing the inverter or the whole LCD panel behind the screen itself.

Faulty laptop screen?

A faulty laptop screen can manifest itself in many ways – flickering, blacked-out portions, wavering lines. Our qualified laptop and notebook engineers will diagnose the problem for you at your home or in your place of business, and are often able to solve it with a replacement or repair during the visit. On the rare occasions when we can’t fix your laptop immediately, we will order the parts you need (when you have approved the price) and fit them as soon as possible. You can keep your machine and we’ll come to you with the new parts, or we can take it away and bring it back to you when it’s been repaired.

Blotches on your screen?

Blotches on your notebook screen (normally black or dark in colour) are where the liquid behind the LCD panel has leaked out. An LCD panel is made up of several layers of glass, with liquid crystals and electrodes sandwiched in between. “Burns” or patches in your screen display may indicate damage to one of the glass layers beneath the surface. Our engineers can replace the screen completely for as little as £70. We are working with laptop screen repair, computer repair.

Quick repairs for all notebook models

Most laptops are “notebook” style – they have a clamshell design, with the keyboard on one side of the shell and the screen on the other. Because of this, a laptop screen repair is a relatively quick operation: we’ll disconnect the screen from the keyboard side, take it out of its housing and replace with a new one. Easy, reliable and fast. That’s what we do.