The Laptop Screen Repair Company repairs or replaces screens on all makes and models of laptop computer – from budget notebook models to a top end Apple Mac. We also repair or replace touch screens from iPads and other tablet PCs. Where possible our services are offered on a same day basis – we can’t always install your replacement screen on the day you call, but if we hear from you in the morning and have your screen in stock, we’ll always aim to get your computer up and running again before nightfall.

Cracked and smashed laptop screens.

Physical problems with laptop and notebooks screens are usually a result of impact – either because the laptop has been dropped, or because something has been dropped onto it. Our friendly engineers are familiar with all makes and models of portable computer, and carry a wide range of common screen sizes as replacement stock. We also carry replacement iPad and touch screens as standard. On average, it takes between one and two hours to remove your smashed or cracked laptop screen and replace it with an approved spare part.

Dim or faulty laptop screens.

Older laptop computers and Mac machines can suffer from dim, intermittent or faulty screens – usually these are caused by a failure in the inverter, which runs power from the battery to the backlight behind the display. It’s the backlight that lets you see what’s on the screen: without it, you would be looking at a black screen with extremely faint characters on it. Our engineers carry spare inverters for most laptop makes and models, and can order parts they haven’t currently got in stock.

Blind spots on your laptop screen?

Sometimes, a laptop screen develops blind spots or areas where there are no graphics. These can be caused by damage to one of the layers behind the protective front screen (laptop screens are actually made up of many wafer-thin screens, which have electrical components and liquid crystals between them), or by a fault with display hardware. Our engineers will diagnose your faulty display on the same day, and make every effort to repair the screen or replace the faulty parts while you wait. If it isn’t possible to repair your computer screen there and then, we’ll give you a price and time frame for the job.

Tried and tested replacement parts.

The replacement parts we use are either manufacturer’s originals, or approved replacements suitable for use in the make and model of computer you own. We always use guaranteed replacements, from inverters and internal display hardware to full replacement screens. While we carry a significant stock of replacement laptop screens and display hardware, we may not always have the item you need in stock when you need it. If this is the case, we can order replacements for you for quick delivery.

Replacement screens for older laptops.

Got an older model of laptop? Don’t worry. Our laptop and notebook screen replacement and repair engineers have years of experience working with faulty and broken screens and display hardware, and are familiar with most older models. While we’re less likely to have the replacement screen elements you need in our day to day stock, we can often source quality replacements or refurbished screens for older laptops, at a very competitive price.


Our services include –

  • Laptop screen repair
  • Notebook screen replacement
  • Netbook screen replacement
  • Macbook screen repair
  • Ipad screen repairs
  • Mobile screen repairs